Thursday, 7 October 2010

first post

well today i decieded to join the millions of people already blogging about there lives. 

well first off my name is alex and im a chef living and working in surrey, i love what i do but sometimes wish it gave me more time for other things(im sure most chefs feel that way). im going to use this blog as a way to discuss various things but mostly food, recipes and restaurants so please follow and get involed. 

today has been my day for sitting around trying to come up with menu ideas for my upcoming new menu and trying to chosethings i love to cook and eat but also stuff that our custourmers want to eat, as its there money and sometime i think we chefs forget that, they vote with there wallets and there feet therefore im trying to work out what to give them but stay true to the way i was trained and feel about food.
It has been an intersting day as i have relised its not the expensive foods i used to cook with at other jobs that i really love it seems to be the more inexpensive food that i truley love and order when out or pick up at markets. so have i got the balance right only time will tell but i will keep you updated with progres and put some recipes/pics up to.

but remember live to eat dont eat to live

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