Thursday, 14 October 2010

The difficult 3rd post

Hi it’s been a busy few days, going to the restaurant show on Monday was good fun. Got to see Claude bosi cooking demo wicked food as always, he did a pork pie sauce which is something I had never even considered but even he says it came from a mistake but then some of the best things have come that way like the tart Tatin.
A little story of a great dessert
At the Hotel Tatin Caroline Tatin (1847-1911) greeted the customers and ran the business side of the establishment.  Her older sister Stephanie Tatin (1838-1917) worked in the kitchen and her apple tart was noted for its caramel flavour and texture.  According to legend, one day in 1898 when the hotel was especially busy during the hunting season, Stephanie absent-mindedly put the peeled apple quarters, butter and sugar in the pan without first lining it with pastry. Realizing her mistake, she then put the pastry on top of the simmering apples, popped it in the oven, inverted it and served the new concoction warm.
There is no news on the new menu front yet as the owners are still away and I’m waiting on the all clear before we put it on.  Thought I might put a picture of our current smoked salmon starter which is still selling well considering its getting colder.

I still find writing this blog is a bit scary which is strange considering as chefs we put food out to be criticised every day, a sous chef when I was an apprentice said to me a kitchens only as good as its weakest member and you’re only as good as your last meal. I know they are well known old sayings but as I take my first steps as head chef, managing people and trying to keep a tight but interesting and rewarding kitchen to be in. Those sayings hit home and I hope that I can do him proud and train my guys in the informative and interesting way that I was trained.
So I’m going to take this chance to thank the guys that trained me as I don’t think I ever did this a young over confident commis

So Mr Andrew Farrow I thank you and Mr Gary Thompson I thank you too

                    But remember live to eat don’t eat to live

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