Saturday, 9 October 2010

2nd post

Well what can I say about the past few days apart from I’m glad there over, firstly it’s been a long but quiet week at work but next week is looking really good so shall enjoy the hours a bit more, secondly one of my chefs decided to pack his bags last night and leg it in the middle of the night dropping me right in it this weekend but play the hand your dealt and will raise not fold this hand.

On more interesting news the new menu is coming along nicely been trying dishes out to gain peoples reactions and so far so good (pics to follow). Spent a few hours today making profiteroles for Sunday lunch tomorrow, I know all the gourmets out there will stick their noses up but there is nothing more relaxing for me anyway than making a few profiteroles or éclairs.

So looking towards next week I’ve got another six day week at work but hey ho more importantly Monday is the start of this year’s restaurant show. Ticket in hand will be off to earls court on Monday to see some of the demos, watch a little of the chef of the year competition good luck to all those that made the final, hopefully meet some people and maybe buy some little bits for work.

But remember live to eat don’t eat to live

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