Tuesday, 19 April 2016

2016 So Far

What a rollercoaster of a year, no pun intended.
So our 2016 season has started much faster than I expected with all the changes we made to Fin’s with regard to food offering and menu.  The team have pushed really hard to try and keep us moving forward. The changes we have made are significant and I think show our commitment to producing the best possible food we can with the resources we have.
Changing 90% of our food offering and taking much more in-house than in previous years has proved a test for the team. In simple terms the amount of prep now needed to be ready for service has tripled at least, but it’s proving to be a good thing the team feel more that the menu is there’s and are proud of what we serve.
Our jerk chicken, rice & peas have proved to be very popular and the jerk chicken pizza with riquitto chili pearls and smoked chipotle mayonnaise even more so. Simple preparations treated with care and respect, to make dishes our guest recognise but might not be daring enough to attempt at home.


The strides forward we have made in 16 months are incredible and without the support of #TeamFins it would not have been possible, to see how far some of the team members have come in that time is awesome. I hope we can have another great season and finish stronger than we did last year. I’m sure we are going to face some challenges across the season but it’s as big year for THORPE with Derren Brown’s Ghost Train opening soon.
Away from work watching my baby girl grow into a proper little lady is amazing from first tooth, first steps to first words has been truly special. I cannot take for granted what having Lizzie and Elouise to go home to each day means to me, it makes the hard work and sacrifice worth it. Having just moved into a bigger place with a garden for the first time I look forward to many sunny hours playing with Elouise out there. Finally having the space for a little herb garden and veg patch is something I’ve been looking forward to since we moved in.

Remember Live To Eat Don't Eat To Live