Friday, 12 August 2011

A Nice Little Break

Hello so it’s been a while since I have posted but life has been very hectic, I married the most amazing women in the world and have been working my ass off trying to push the standards of food at work. I have finally found a commis chef willing to work hard and keep his head together during the madness so hopefully I’m only one piece away from a great little team the only problem is the one piece I’m missing is a sous chef which is a massive part of a four man team.

 So to keep my brain from frying I had a few days off to visit the in-laws in Lowestoft not the nicest town in the country but the break was really needed, whilst in Lowestoft I found a little gem of a restaurant called “The Third crossing” it is in a place called haven marina and is a seafood and steak grill. The place was warm and welcoming on a not very nice night and the food was excellent simple but very well prepared and very tasty. I would recommend this little place for anyone in the area.

So little holiday break over I headed back to surrey but halfway there I realised that a short detour and I could take the wife for lunch at “The Anchor” in hullbridge, Essex, for those of you that follow me on twitter the anchor is run by Daniel Watkins who is @anchorhbridge on there, so we turn up just as lunch is starting but Daniel is kind enough to come out and say hello. We take our seats in the restaurant and the first course is served to us,

Flame grilled mackerel, cucumber gel & seashore salad.

Beautiful to look at and does not disappoint in the mouth, we are told by our waitress that chef has been out and foraged the seashore salad items himself a nice touch on a very tasty plate of food.

Next up was one of the day’s specials
Smoked eel & beetroot

I absolutely love smoked eel and beetroot is a favourite of mine also so this dish was bound to delight. I was not disappointed the eel was of superb quality and four different beetroots and different preparations

For our main we had another of the day’s specials

Suckling pig, apple puree, creamed potatoes & koffman cabbage
A very generous hunk of well cooked suckling pig with crisp skin and melting fat sat atop silky apple puree and buttery creamed potatoes very good indeed, the cabbage with carrots and little lardons of pancetta running though was a great garnish to the dish and the jus served separately gave you the chance to add just the amount you wanted.

To finish the meal Daniel sent us a little selection of sweet bites.


A great way to finish our little break and again thank you to Daniel for a wonderful lunch, he really is producing really fantastic food worth the trip.

Remember live to eat don’t eat to live

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